Manufacturer: HANDLEY-PAGE

Model: unknown

Name: Sea Victor



Status: Operational

Country: United Kingdom

Service: Royal Navy

Designation: Sea Victor Mk. I

Handley-Page Sea Victor Mk. I


Handley-Page Sea Victor advertisement




Someone who never saw the Handley Page Victor for real can hardly imagine how massive and beautifully weird that aircraft was. Saw it once as a kid and was shocked by its size! This British bomber was unlike any other aircraft before or after it. Its design was just unbelievably modern for that time and long remained so.

Considering the importance of flying boats in British Aviation up to the 1950s, I thought a seagoing variant of the Victor (not unlike the American P6M Seamaster in its concept) would have been awesome. Thus was born the Handley Page Sea Victor, a seagoing (flying boat) version. And instead of doing only a photo, I also did one of those fake period ads that I'm crazy about...

To make this image, I took the sea, the sky, the main aircraft frame, the foggy water and the wingtip float all from different photographs. I also had to create the bottom hull and redesign the engine nacelle.

Viewers' comments:
  • Well done, I love it! (Stingray-24)
  • Interesting, nice tweak ! (crazyxav)
  • Very good work. Definitely like. (deviant654)
  • Cool! I love the retro feel to the whole image! Looks like an old postcard or poster. One of my favourite machines is the Soviet Ekranoplan from the cold war. They're Enormus and could still travel really fast! (ipicko)
  • I LOVE the Sea Victor (comradeloganov)
  • Impressive! (Tophe)
  • That Sea Victor is cool! (Sentinel Chicken)
  • beautiful artwork, would make for a really different model too in the companies 'cerulean blue' as used on the second prototype Victor (Joe Warner)
  • I thought about an "EkranoVictor" :rofl: (Roddy1990)

My comments:

I think I'm too lazy to even consider an ekranoplane conversion of anything!!! LOL