Manufacturer: GRUMMAN

Model: G-55-2

Name: Bobcat


Date: 1944

Status: Operational service

Country: United States

Service: U.S. Army / Navy

Designation: C-104 / RF-1


The original G-55 design was a 1943 torpedo bomber project which would have been designated XTB2F-1 by the Navy if built. The aircraft was canceled and only a full-scale mockup was built.

As I've always liked the G-55, I took an existing line art profile and reworked it as a medium size transport as follows: I raised the wing slightly (it was already a high wing aircraft), removed the turrets and guns, added windows and did the coloring and shading. Even if it stays kid of basic, I'm quite satisfied with the result on the whole. What do you think?

The real world C-104 designation was initially allocated to what became the Lockheed C-60C Lodestar. In my "what-if"world it was immediately reassigned to Grumman's G-55-2 Bobcat...

The color profile was elaborated using the profile for the real G-55 proposal (below right).

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