Manufacturer: Grob

Model: G-600

Name: Egrett

Type: High-altitude presidential transport

Date: 1996

Status: Operational service

Country: United States of America

Service: USAF/Government

Designation: VU-32A Egrett One


A passenger/VIP transport derivative of the Grob G-500 Egrett is the seven-seat G-600, used in small numbers by the U.S. Government and military as the U-32A.

A special example was assigned to presidential transport as the VU-32A "Egrett One". The story goes that the crew casually refers to the plane as "Grobama"...


From time to time it doesn't hurt to add some humor into the work. That's what I did with the Grob D-600, an imaginary variant of the real-life Grob D-500 Egrett.

The original photo by Tsuyoshi Hayasaki was found on I didn't make an effort to find a more realistic background, although I guess I should have, considering the President's aircraft wouldn't land on just any airfield...

Not highly plausible, not one my best pictures for sure (I find this particular piece of work is not quite to a par with most of what I do...), but I had fun writing the accompanying text...

I believe the oval windows were snatched from a Gulfstream.

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  • I love this single-engined "airliner"... (Tophe)

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