Manufacturer: General Motors

Model: PA-132V

Name: Marksman

Type: Pursuit / scout

Date: 1941

Status: Prototype evaluation

Country: United States of America

Service: U.S. Air Force

Designation: none


The General Motors Marksman originated in a Seversky proposal for an Army pursuit/scout which the US military didn't want.

It found an outlet as an export fighter, being produced mostly for Australia as the General Motors Marksman I (Model PA-132V).


The Marksman is part Grumman Avenger (engine and propeller shaft), part Douglas Dauntless (propeller blades, wing, central fuselage section and cockpit), part Seversky P-35 (rear cockpit and corresponding fuselage section), part Vultee V-1 (tail section) and even Douglas Skyraider (windshield). The panelling was altered and recreated in some places.

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  • Sweet Job, Stargazer. The Marksman looks like Something from 'Crimson Skies'. (Cobra)
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  • Super Cool! Your Designs look like they came from Crimson Skies & Thunderbirds! (arenafighter)

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