Manufacturer: Gloster

Model: G.41U

Name: Meteor

Type: Photo-reconnaissance


Status: Service test

Country: United States of America

Service: U.S. Air Force

Designation: YR-17


I wish the Gloster Meteor (one of my favorite early jets) had been purchased by USAF and used as a night fighter and recce aircraft. But wait? What is this picture I found? It says: "Gloster YR-17 Meteor" and the aircraft sports USAF markings alright... Another forgotten type, that is... until today!

A slightly altered reality, an existing aircraft in a plausible context... that's something I love to do. Now the drawback of it is that when the photo lands on someone's computer with no backup information, it might end up being taken at face value and believed to be real! This has happened a few times before with my images, though I do not wish for it to happen nor do I enjoy it.

True, there is an element of pride in seeing that one's work is done well enough that it can fool some people... but the amateur historian / amateur archivist that I've always been (and aviation forum moderator for quite a long stint) hates having to deal with these mistakes! Loving to invent fake aircraft in alternate realities, and hating it when people distort the truth... talk about aeronautical schizophrenia!

The original photo by Stewart Andrew presented below right) was found on and served as a basis for the image. First thing was to flip it horizontally; then I removed all markings, replaced them by U.S. ones, and placed the aircraft onto a brand new background.

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