Manufacturer: Gloster

Model: unknown

Name: Gannet

Type: Jet airliner


Status: Operational

Country: Britain

Service: Commercial (BOAC)

Designation: none


We get so used to the shape of modern airliners, all derived from the general configuration introduced by Boeing on their 707 and 737 models, that we often tend to forget that the design of airliners was not always as boring as that. The early years of aviation are ripe with plenty of odd and original airliners, and even the jet age began with many original proposals: pusher propellers, double decks, flying boats, and so forth.

My Gloster Gannet tries to recapture that era when everything seemed possible. Of course, there is kind of a twist here... Although entirely fictitious, the Gloster Gannet started off as... well, something else, quite! Can you tell?

Viewers' comments:
  • Innovative! (GTX_Admin)
  • I like the look!  :) (Doom!)
  • I have to say... I think the H-Tail would actually be a Great config for a three-engine liner... with the horizontal stabilizers between the side and top engines... But that's just me, and I kinda like H-Tails. (Sauragnmon)
  • Very nice.....I like it. (jorel62)
  • this is a pleasant creation, thanks... Thumbs Up Bow (Tophe)
  • Hehe, that's 'Scale-o-rama' to the max!  Grin I love it, looks great and is almost feasable too.  Thumbs Up Bow (PR19_Kit)
  • A-10 Thunderbolt? (ElSqiubbonator)
  • The DeHavilland Comet. (ArrayOfStars)
  • By the looks of the comments it's based upon a Japanese suicide plane. (Louis-the-Hedgehog)
  • Rotodyne? (pyro-manic)
  • Japanese 'Ohka' or 'Baka' manned suicide rocket. Though i think you may have 'borrowed' the tail feathers from pyro-maniacs Rotodyne?  Thumbs Up (phoenix54)
  • Wait, its the Rotodyne right? Looks like a big passenger "Baka". (David R. Townend)
  • Comet or the French derivative, the Caravelle.  Possibly a VC10 nose. (The Wooksta!)
  • Your Gannet is quite the looker!  :) Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka? (TBD)
  • Oh my, I think he's right.  He found an airliner design sure to be even deadlier than the original Comet.  I'm canceling my ticket... (comradeloganov)
  • Laughs. As soon as I took a look at the image the lines took me immediately to known aircraft shape. Very creative despite of being a bit suicidal. As Logan, I'll pass mine. :) (Geist)
  • The Ohka????!!! LMAO. Wonder what the stockholders in the airline would think. :-) (Rekalnus)
  • The MXY7 Ohka. I like to call it the "Cherry Bomb". "This is your captain speaking, we are currently descending to the naval target and will arrive head on shortly." "Naval target? Descending? I thought this was an airliner!" (ONI-Defense)
  • I really like this. Too bad the Testors Ohka (or "Oka" as the boxtop says) is OOP, otherwise I'd build it. (Frank3k)
  • i couldnt guess that one at all, brilliant, a nice looking short haul airliner too, just the sortv thing that was appearing on drawing boards in the immediate post war period too, sweet  Thumbs Up (TsrJoe)
  • Love your Gannet! Great word play and I'm a sucker for alliteration. But, is is just me, or does that Ohka tailplane in BOAC livery have a Handley-Page look about it? (apophenia)
  • i get the okha, but you also nailed the fairey rotodyne (TreborNehoc)

My comments:

Handley-Page tail? Fairey Rotodyne looks? Unwillingly so on both counts!

A "big passenger Baka"? That's EXACTLY what it is! A few of you guys got it right. The basic design was that of the Japanese Ohka suicide plane! How cool is that for an airliner? ROTFL

As David points out: "The trouble with this airliner was it kept crashing into US ships in the Pacific...." :D

Remember that the Ohka was called the "Baka" by the Americans, which means "crazy" or "mad" in several languages. Now the funny twist to it all is that the French for "mad" is "fou"... a word that is also used for ... "gannet"!