Manufacturer: GLM ASSOCIATES

Model: GLM-100

Name: StarCat



Status: Prototype

Country: United States

Service: (U.S. Navy)


GLM-100 StarCat


In a very different timeline from our own, Grumman, Lockheed and Martin, being all turned down by the Navy on their respective early warning platform proposals, decide to

join forces and keep the best of each to create an aircraft in common under an exclusive corporate name: GLM Associates.

Now this is the kind of "whiffing" work that I DON'T enjoy very much because it supposes such a stretch from our timeline and such a low level of probability that it really isn't much fun to imagine and to give life to... And also the end result is uglier than any of the aircraft that inspired it, which is also not so fun...

Anyway, the StarCat (never mind Martin's being left out from the name!) is a composite based on profiles of the Grumman Hawkeye, the Martin Canberra and the Lockheed Constellation. No original profiles needed here... if you don't know these aircraft, what the heck are you doing reading these lines, anyway? :D

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