Manufacturer: General Electric (Flettner)

Model: unknown (Fl 339)

Name: none

Type: Helicopter


Status: 1948

Country: United States of America

Service: U.S. Army

Designation: XH-14A


Igor Bensen, who later became famous for his family of Gyro-copters and Gyro-gliders, developed his first helicopters while at General Electric. Considering a few American companies got access to captured German prototypes, my assumption here is that the Flettner Fl 339 helicopter was captured, taken to the United States and studied by Bensen for General Electric, in the hope that it could be reverse-engineered and submitted to the U.S. Army as an observation platform.

This is probably the kind of "whiffing" that comes closest to reality, since it involves a real aircraft type and real people. Not a great challenge here, graphically speaking, but I love this kind of work because it presents an altered version of our reality that could easily have happened with a few tweaks to the timeline or slightly different circumstances,a nd it's fun imagining it and giving it a sense of reality.

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