Manufacturer: Avions Fouga

Model: CM-180

Name: Alumnus


Date: 1963

Status: Operational

Country: France

Service: Commercial

Designation: none


The Fouga Alumnus was a smaller derivative of the Armée de l'air's Magister trainer, intended for the civilian market. However it was too costly and didn't attract many customers. Only 12 were built and were purchased by rich speed-loving business executives, mostly in Germany. Some of these winded up later on in neighboring countries such as Poland or the Czech Republic, and also in Italy.


The Alumnus is basically a "dwarfed" version of the Magister (see photo below), almost an "egg-plane" version of it!

The markings were taken from a Czech glider model. I really ought to have changed the background to make it look like Bohemia instead of Mojave... :( Well, let's say it's a Czech jet on a visit to the US!)

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