Manufacturer: FOKKER

Model: D.R. II

Name: "Doppeldreidecker"



Status: Operational

Country: Germany

Service: German Army

Designation: D.R. II

Fokker D.R. II Doppeldreidecker


The Fokker D.R. II "Doppeldreidecker" was a twin-fuselage variant of the D.R. I triplane.

Almost as weird as Dastardly and Muttley's own WWI fighter, the "Double Triplane" resulted from a suggestion by combat ace Manfred von Richthofen that a double fuselage version of his fighter could also double the kills. However it is not even sure if the D.R.II ever was flown. The war ended before the "Red Baron" even had a chance to prove his concept and the D.R.II was abandoned.

Viewers' comments:
  • Great. An even bigger airplane to shed its top wing! (David R. Townend)
  • Wonderful! Funny, if the Red Baron did have a double personnality, both would have been top aces! (Tophe2)

My comments:

ROTFL! The pilots called it the "Schizo"!

Thanks to Dr-Whom for pointing out that there should have been contra-rotating engines, which I didn't do in this image.

Thanks also to David for remarking that "Technically, as Dr indicated "Dreidecker", (three wings) perhaps the official designation would have been Dr.I-Z -- indicating Dreidecker one, Zwilling (meaning "twin")."