Manufacturer: F.M.A.

Model: I.Ae. 39

Name: Charrán

Type: Jet fighter


Status: Operational

Country: Argentina

Service: Greek Air Force

Designation: I.Ae. 39 Charran


The FMA I.Ae.39 Charrán ("Tern") was an Argentine advanced trainer of the mid-1950s whose designer was a German engineer who, like Kurt Tank, had worked at Messerschmitt during the war, notably on the Me 262...

Elaboration: A new installment in my series of offbeat and rare types...
Viewers' comments:
  • The FMA I.Ae.39 Charrán has very pleasant lines. (Bladerunner)
  • The Charran is a standout for me. (Maverick)
  • This one wins.  Very nice! (comradeloganov)
  • I love your work .. I'm from Argentina and the FMA (Military Aircraft Factory) were many crazy things, but I've never seen anything like this .. very good! (Roberdigiorge)

My comments: Thank you so much! It is so nice to get feedback from someone in Argentina who actually knows the FMA and can appreciate the stuff! ;-)