Manufacturer: Kaiser-Fleetwings (Mitsubishi)

Model: unknown

Name: none

Type: Fighter / interceptor

Date: 1946

Status: Service test

Country: United States of America

Service: U.S. Marines

Designation: XFK-1


Supposing the Mitsubishi Ki-83 had been captured by the U.S. and evaluated successfully by the U.S. Navy and Marines, it could have led to a U.S.-built derivative, the Kaiser-Fleetwings XFK-1, and might have helped that company stay in the business for a little while longer...

No need to show you the original profile, since I didn't change a thing but the markings...

Viewers' comments:
  • This plane would have kicked ass if it made it into production! I wonder what happened to the ones the U.S. AAF captured? It would have made a hell of a museum piece! (Airforce1985)
  • Boy, what a difference a paintjob makes. Great Americanization of this plane. It looks appropriate to the paint jobs of the times and looks like it would have fit into the American arsenal nicely. IMPRESSIVE! :) (dinobatfan)
  • THE GREATEST AIRCRAFT OF WWII!!!! one of the most beautiful! (Cipher80)
  • Please make more pictures of the Mitsubishi Ki83, please? (aceofaces1980)
  • As always, my favorite aircraft! I would have used it in Korea & Vietnam!! (DemonDogMarine1960)

My comments: I would love to... it's one of my all-time favorite aircraft!!!