Manufacturer: Fiat

Model: 7500

Name: Treno Volante

Type: Helicopter


Status: Demonstrator

Country: Italy

Service: Italian Army (evaluation)

Designation: none


What horror is this? Of course it's my invention, but the original type that inspired it was hardly more handsome... Basically I took one of the most ungainly aircraft ever, the Fiat 7002 helicopter, and decided to turn into an even greater monstrosity: Fiat's Model 7500, "Il treno volante"! (that means the flying train). ... Scary, eh?!!

I wasn't trying to make a pretty helicopter, though, just take the ugly Fiat 7002 to new heights in ugliness!!! I think I pretty much succeeded at this... 

Below right is an imaginary advertisement for the « Treno Volante ». The layout is copied from an authentic Fiat Aviazione ad of the early 1960s; the text is adapted from an article on the real-life Model 7002 prototype found in Flight Magazine.

Viewers' comments:
  • Wow! (McColm)
  • Very Interesting... (Mimikios)
  • The best panoramic viewpoint I have ever seen, is the floor also glazed/transparent? Great work with the transparency... (Tophe)
  • The original is already funny :) (Ronnie Olsthoorn)
  • seriously fugly (Tony Harris)
  • THIS is the most impressive! Sincerely epic work!! biggrin (Stingray)
  • Ughhh. A Helicopter only the designer and the designer mother could love.  rolleyes (The Big Gimper)

My comments:

I'm not even sure the designer's mother wouldn't tell off her son for creating such nonsense!!!