Manufacturer: Fairey

Model: unknown

Name: Jet Gannet

Type: ASW


Status: Operational

Country: Britain

Service: Royal Navy

Designation: Gannet ASR.8


The Fairey Gannet has to be one of the ugliest, fattest sonofabitches ever put into production... But what if a jet version had existed? Now THAT would look a little better...

To make a jet out of it, I had to remove the contra-rotating propellers at the front, shorten and round off the double cockpit into a single one, and cut off part of the rear fuselage for the jet exhaust. I also change the markings from standard Royal Navy to Royal Canadian Navy, and placed the aircraft before a whole new background that makes it look more Canadian too.

Viewers' comments:
  • Like that Jet Gannet  Thumbs Up (NARSES2)
  •  Bow Good work! (McColm)
  • Love the 'Jet Gannet'. Chapeau! (SPINNERS)
  •  Aircraft ugliness World Champion, gold medal winner ! (Tophe)
  • Lol! The original is funnier; give me an Alizé anytime! (Caravellarella)
  • Say... isn't the Gannet jet-powered already?  Awesome prop-less jet though! (Ronnie Olsthoorn)
  • technically, a turboprop IS a jet. It is a jet engine that prowers a propellor and does not use (most) of the exhaust as propulsion. (David R. Townend)

My comments:

Ah, okay folks, I didn't quite see it like that, sorry. To me there's props, and then there's jets... I suppose also that I could turn your reasoning around and say that a jet engine is sort of an enclosed prop ! If you keep at it, I'll create only gliders, damn! LOL