Manufacturer: Avions Fairey

Model: unknown

Name: Faucon

Type: Fighter


Status: Operational

Country: France

Service: Armée de l'air

Designation: Fairey Faucon C.2


In late 1939, the French government decided it was perhaps too risky to continue building combat aircraft on the French territory, for fear they might fall in enemy hands should the war intensify and Germany seize them.

Several foreign types were ordered, among them the Fairey Faucon ("Falcon" in French), the prototype for which had already been built by Avions Fairey in Belgium to a strictly French specification.

The aircraft was hastily shipped to France and flight tested at Bretigny airfield, where it demonstrated great performance.

The surrender of France in 1940 put an end to several aircraft orders, including one for 200 Faucons. The crewmen at Bretigny decided to set the aircraft ablaze instead of allowing it to fall into adverse hands. That was the end of what could have been France's greatest asset in combat.


The Faucon was created by modifying (squeezing, pretty much) a photo of the Fairey Fulmar (which I haven't been able to locate unfortunately.

Viewers' comments:
  • Great aircraft design and story for it. I love when someone figures out how to add fictional events to history without totally changing the timeline. (ONI-Defense)

My comments:

Well, that's exactly what I love best myself... Thanks for noticing! ;)