Manufacturer: Fairey Aviation

Model: unknown

Name: Crocodile

Type: Transport helicopter

Date: 1959

Status: Operational service

Country: Australia

Service: Royal Australian Air Force

Designation: Crocodile HC.1


The photograph at right depicts a very rare Royal Australian Air Force Fairey Crocodile HC.1, one of only five procured.


Not an imaginary aircraft, but an imaginary variant of a famous helicopter prototype, the Fairey Rotodyne.

Rob (a.k.a. MAD) once asked me to consider an Aussie Air Force Rotodyne. I have always loved the Rotodyne so I was thrilled by the notion.

What should I call the type? I thought Crocodile" sounded a bit like "Rotodyne" (very remotely I'll admit) and was definitely evocative of Australia, so I went for it... Rob thought it was a good idea...

I then kept the project on the shelf for a while, until one day inspiration came and I completed it. I took an inflight photo of a Rotodyne, erased the British markings and recreated Australian ones.

The tough part was actually to find a decent picture of the Australian outback to serve as a setting for the image!

Viewers' comments:
  • Wooooow, magnificent work Stephane. Well worth the wait - Thank you! It is a great pity that this design never took off. I could imagine RAAF (and later Army) Fairey Crocs returning to base, after ingesting flocks of Gilas and Cockys. Would you mind if I post this on my My 'What If' Australian Defence Force (ADF) Profile wish list forum? (MAD)

My comments:

No problem!

Other than the fact that the Rotodyne never made it to production at all, it is likely that if production had ensued, the RAAF would have been a very likely customer for it.