Manufacturer: Fairey Aircraft

Model: F.30/43

Name: Arrow

Type: Fighter-interceptor

Date: 1943

Status: Experimental

Country: United Kingdom

Service: Royal Air Force

Designation: F.30/43


The Fairey F.30/43 Arrow was a very little-known British prototype of 1944 that resulted from a specification calling for a fast push-pull fighter-interceptor.


Can you guess what aircraft I used as a basis?

Viewers' comments:
  • Very pleasant extra push-pull bird, yes indeed (Tophe)
  • The Fairey Arrow would certainly make a very capable machine and an interesting model. (Kerrillc)
  • Great Work, Stargazer (Cobra)
  • The cruciform tail on the Fairey F.30 (nice that you named it "Arrow," a nod to the DO 335) requires a three- or five-bladed prop. Dornier recognized that, as did Molt Taylor with the Aerocar (triplane empennage, two-bladed prop). Put a four-bladed pusher prop on a four-plane empennage (or a three-on-three), and there will be aerodynamic/structural hell to pay! (ramblerdan)
  • Delightful Arrow (sotoolslinger)
  • Wow, cool, original photo is of Dornier isn't it? Spitfirish nose does make it look British. (VonLuck)
  • Martin Baker MB.5? (David R. Townend)
  • Dornier Do-335, Gloster E28/39 & P-51B Mustang? (Caravellarella)

My comments:

Right on all three counts! The original picture was of a Dornier Do 335 Pfeil, which translates as... Arrow. I did my best to give it a British look, glad to hear it works! I grafted elements from the Gloster G.40 (E.28/39) Pioneer onto it as well as the engine from a Fairey Firefly.

The engines I chose for the Arrow might have proved a little underpowered for such a large beast... but what's missing here, really, is the air intake for the front one. Well, I guess one could always argue that it was on the port side only...