Manufacturer: FAIRCHILD (M.S.U.)

Model: FH-1200 (MA-20)

Name: Double Marvel



Status: Experimental

Country: United States



Fairchild FH-1200 Double Marvel


Here's a development of the Mississippi State University MA-17 Marvel, the MA-20 Double Marvel (also known as the FH-1200), the production of which was given to Fairchild-Hiller.

Only a handful of prototypes were built and they were used for photo observation on Southern state borders.


The Double Marvel is really just that: a Mississippi State University MA-17 Marvel which has been doubled up!

In actual fact, Fairchild had nothing to do with the Marvel whatsoever, but I imagined the design would be taken over by a major industry company for possible production.

Viewers' comments:
  • The model name is perfect, I confirm: this is a double marvel! (Tophe2)

My comments: Really makes you wonder why they didn't go with full-scale production on this one... ;)