Manufacturer: Douglas

Model: DC-3SW

Name: Skywalker

Type: Special purpose


Status: Experimental

Country: United States of America

Service: U.S. Navy

Designation: R2D-2


The R2D-2 Skywalker started as a joke on the What If forum... until I decided to create it for good...

The Douglas DC-2 transport was actually used by the U.S. Navy as the R2D-1. If a second version had existed, it would no doubt have been designated "R2D-2" (rings a bell?).

Now considering that Douglas always used aircraft names starting with "Sky..." (SkytrainSkytrooperSkymasterSkybusSkyraider...) it was only too tempting to do an R2D-2 Skywalker!!! (of course you'll have to be a Star Wars fan to get that)

Okay, okay... This one is not very serious... but what fun it was to do!

Viewers' comments:
  •  Grin Grin Grin Bow Bow Grin Grin Grin (NARSES2)
  • Oh that is PRICELESS!   Grin cheesy rolleyes I love all the little ports and grilles etc. and somehow I hear this odd chirping and whistling sound when I look at it. Magic stuff.  Thumbs Up (PR19_Kit)
  • ;D (GTX_Admin)
  • Pretty Good!!! (Roberdigiorge)
  • Awesome!! Wink rolleyes (Radish)
  • LOVE the Skywalker.  At first I glanced at the picture and thought, no big deal, just a DC-3 (didn't even look close enough at first to see that it was a DC-2).  Then I read the caption, and did a double-take on the photo.  Kinda subtle until you SEE it. very cool details. (Acree)
  • Kenny Baker would be proud!  8) (Cliffy B)
  • The Autopilot is model No. C-3P0?  >:D (The Big Gimper)
  • how about the version oif the Martin Academe built by the mythical sub-contrator Piper in Ohio, this being the C-3-PO. (David R. Townend)

My comments:

ROTFL! This being said, it wouldn't be possible. Why? Because the -PO kind of suffixes disappeared in 1962 at the very same time the new C- series was introduced. And so it would have been C-3A regardless of who built it... Still I do love your sensa huma!

I might be working on a C3PO someday, who knows? Not to mention an Inn-Vader... ROTFL