Manufacturer: Douglas

Model: DJ-1 (D-558-4)

Name: Skystream

Type: Jet airliner

Date: 1952

Status: Experimental

Country: United States of America

Service: Commercial (United Airlines evaluation)

Designation: none

Synopsis: The Douglas DJ-1 Skystream (also known as the D-558-4) was America's very first jet airliner to enter service.

The posting of an incredible photograph of the Douglas Skyrocket on the Secret Projects forum immediately summoned an irresistible urge to "whif" that beauty around!

The DC-7 was the latest prop airliner at Douglas, but the DC-8 designation had already been allocated to another, non-jet aircraft project. It seemed to make sense to me that the introduction of jet propulsion could have resulted at the time in the start of a new "DJ-" (Douglas Jet) numeral sequence (especially considering that DA-, DB-, DC- and DF- had already existed).

The Douglas D-558-4 or DJ-1 is just an oversized D-558-2 Skyrocket test airplane. The cockpit and various details, as well the whole scenery were also recreated, since the original photograph showed the aircraft in front of a hangar with normal sized people next to it... The original Skyrocket photo can be seen below right.

Viewers' comments:
  • Oh this is too cool! :) Very,very wonderful modification of the Skyrocket! I always thought the Skyrocket was among the most attractive of the American Test aircraft. While I always imagined it had more potential than as just a test airplane, I never made the jump that you have here. I really like it! You have way too fun an aviation imagination. I am quite envious, as while I have quite the active imagination for aviation, you exceed it by leaps and bounds, and through in the ability to bring it to such amazing life!!! :) You definitely rock!!! :) (dinobatfan)

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