Manufacturer: Dornier

Model: Do 835

Name: Libelle

Type: Passenger transport


Status: Operational

Country: Germany

Service: Commercial

Designation: none

Dornier Do 835 Libelle




As I do not share the somewhat morbid fascination that many modellers have for Third Reich militaria, I do not often tackle aircraft topics of that era and place... However I absolutely love some of the designs such as the Dornier 335 and its planned derivatives.

The Dornier Do 835 Libelle (Dragonfly) would have been a natural evolution as an airliner had Germany not been at war with the Allies... I created this using the Junkers Ju 635 derivative as a basis; I then grafted the vertical fin from the Heinkel He 535 project, and the (modified) cockpit and wheel trains from a Horten Ho 229...

Sort of a German Douglas Skybus...

Viewers' comments:
  • surprising... (Tophe)
  • OKAY! (Ronnie Olsthoorn)
  • Nice. In fact, I read somewhere that the Do 335 was modified as an airliner. Towards the end of the war, Lufthansa was fighting to keep functioning their routes, so they ask Dornier if it was possible to make a derivate of the Luftwaffe 335 an converting it into an airliner. (thehouseofthedead4)

My comments:

If true, once again reality would have caught up with my imagination!