Manufacturer: Avions Dewoitine

Model: D.522

Name: none

Type: Fighter

Date: 1940

Status: Prototype evaluation

Country: France

Service: Armée de l'Air

Designation: D.522


Though it is not generally known, along with the famous Dewoitine D.520 fighter, the company offered a two-seat trainer version designation the D.522. This was briefly tested by the Armée de l'Air but suffered from insufficient power and was rejected. The single prototype was subsequently reverted to D.520 configuration.


This was adapted from the famous D.520 single-seater. The original photo can be seen below right. The change consisted in extended the cockpit further forward, removing the special markings to make it closer to a prototype, and altering the "520" to "522" on the tail (the kind of small details hardly anyone notices but I love to do this kind of things!).

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