Manufacturer: Convair

Model: 7-003

Name: Dart

Type: Unmanned vehicle

Date: 1948

Status: Experimental

Country: United States of America

Service: U.S. Air Force

Designation: XM-92B


The USAF initially ordered two test articles of the Lippisch-inspired Convair 115 "Dart" as the XP-92. As the program evolved, a change of requirements led to a complete redesign, and the sole flying prototype was designated XF-92A. The second test article, however, far from being cancelled, was also procured but as an unmanned variant designated Convair XM-92B Dart (the Air Force briefly used modified F- designations for some missiles, such as the XF-98 and -99 becoming the XIM-98 and -99). Here is at long last a picture of that forgotten prototype.


The XM-92B was a straightforward transformation of a recent photo of the restored XF-92 on the museum tarmac (see below right). All it took was to remove the cockpit and slightly alter the markings on the tail and nose.

The name "Dart" was never official with the Air Force, but for this unmanned variant it just fits perfectly!

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