Manufacturer: Chengdu

Model: FB-3

Name: "Fastlane" (NATO codename)

Type: Jet fighter-bomber

Date: 1974

Status: Operational

Country: People's Republic of China

Service: Chinese Air Force

Designation: FB-3


My first Chinese "whif", the Chengdu FB-3 (NATO: "Fastlane") fighter, made up from bits and pieces of U.S. aircraft! The fuselage is from an F-111 and an F-18, the tail fin is from an F-18, the cockpit is adapted from that of a P-51D (!), the nose cone is from an Su-27...

Viewers' comments:
  • Very cool concept! Any ideas on her stats? Looks like she can handle an F/A-18 toe to toe. (Jetfreak-7)
  • Very interesting blending. It looks pretty good!!! :) Though you said it was made from bits and pieces of AMERICAN aircraft. When was the SU-27 manufactured in America? ;) Was it used from a captured SU-27 perhaps? :) Just teasing! :) Great work as usual!!! :) (dinobatfan)
  • The FB-3 is a standout for me. (Maverick)
  • Pretty interesting "salad" :lol: (Roddy1990)

My comments:

LOL! Guess what: the initial version of this was called the "Hornvaark"...