Manufacturer: Avions Caudron

Model: C.1160

Name: none

Type: Fighter

Date: 1937

Status: Prototype evaluation

Country: France

Service: Armée de l'air

Designation: none


In January 1937, Caudron tried to thwart the French Armée de l'Air's plans to procure the Morane-Saulnier MS.405 in quantity by attempting an unsollicited proposal of a C.460 derivative, the shortened C.1160.

Not only the aircraft was not up to the task and required a lot of adjustments (which Morane had already incorporated in their design), but the government was least amused that Caudron had already painted the prototype in standard Armée de l'Air camouflage in the hope of making the proposal more convincing.

The C.1160 was given the boot on March 15, and the MS-406 was ordered as planned on March 1st. The C.1160 was seen no more, but chances are it was scrapped for parts and engine.


I started from a C.460 racer (below right) which I shortened, and redrew the cockpit and dorsal spine. I then changed the colors and introduced a camouflage and basic military markings.

Viewers' comments:
  • cool (ADNkine)
  • The C.1160 is more interesting than beautiful... (Tophe)

My comments:

Really I think it's my background storyline that is more far-fetched than the rather conservative aircraft design...