Manufacturer: Brewster

Model: 42

Name: Bulldog

Type: Pursuit

Date: 1936

Status: Experimental

Country: United States of America

Service: U.S. Army Air Corps

Designation: XP-33


The design was not my invention. It was indeed one of several Army fighter proposals by Brewster and "P-33" was its actual Brewster project designator, NOT a USAAC type (the model I used for reference is shown below right, and carries the designation "Brewster Fighter Proposal 33-A")..

However, since I was trying to turn it into an Air Corps aircraft, I thought it sounded just perfect for a fighter prototype's official designation! Yeah, I know that the real-world P-33 was a variant of the P-30... but my idea here was that the aircraft project in question was then redesignated as a PB-2C, and the P-33 slot reallocated...

For this particular image, I really wanted to create a fake vintage colorized postcard like those that were common in the 1930s. Besides the creases, stains ans holes that add authenticity to the forgery, I thought that placing it onto a wooden desktop would increase the image's impact further.

As for "Bulldog", it is my own invention, but since all Brewster aircraft had names starting with a "B", it sounded just right for a fighter (considering it worked in the Bristol "Bulldog"...).

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