Manufacturer: Boeing

Model: 1717

Name: Twinliner

Type: Airliner

Date: 2009

Status: Operational service

Country: United States of America

Service: Commercial (Horizon, Qantas...)

Designation: none


The Boeing 1717 TwinLiner offers an original solution to double the capacity of a short-range airliner. Fuselages are joined to increase lift area and shorten takeoff. Thrust is provided by five small jet engines, three at the rear of the fuselages and two at the tips of the fins.


Starting from a Boeing 717 (which is really a McDonnell Douglas MD-80, therefore a Douglas DC-9...) I simply doubled the aircraft, removed the unnecessary parts and joined the two in the middle by creating a center section "from scratch".

Viewers' comments:
  • Looks like those bombers in Ace Combat 3 (crazyxav)
  • Incredible, have you seen? The Boeing Twinliner is not a prototype: there is an airline name on the fuselage, it is already sold and used commercially! With photographic proof! (Tophe)
  • Wow, that would have enjoyed the clouds and skies! (Tophe2)

My comments:

Considering the way airliners come out as extremely conservative in design, even though the manufacturers draft the most amazing and daring concepts beforehand, it is unlikely that anything like the TwinLiner could ever come out of the Seattle giant. Also, the design would have one major drawback: the total lack of a view for those passengers seated on the inner sides of the fuselages...