Manufacturer: Boeing

Model: 710 (367-200)

Name: Super Stratolifter ("Dash 200")

Type: Airliner/transport


Status: Demonstrator

Country: United States of America

Service: Commercial / military

Designation: none


At the same time as they were breaking new grounds with the "Dash 80" demonstrator (which became the prototype for the famed Models 707 and C-135), Boeing developed a larger, longer demonstrator, the "Dash 200" , also known as the Model 710 Super Stratolifter.

Carrying civil registration N71000, this flew a few weeks after the smaller model and demonstrated the company's ability to build a very large aircraft.

Although the Model 710 was not pursued (high-capacity, global range airliners were not desirable then as they are now) it therefore paved the way for the company's credibility in proposing the B-52 bomber to USAF.


At quick glance there may not be much of a difference between this aircraft and the actual Dash 80 prototype which inspired it... However if you compare the two pictures on the right you'll see that the fuselage and wings have been lengthened, an extra engine has been added on each wing... and the registration was changed from N70700 to N71700!

Viewers' comments:
  • :iconthumbsupplz:(Jetfreak-7)
  • Another masterpiece, with the picture resembling those old advertisements :) (Roddy1990)
  • You are darn good at this stuff. I can see the slab sides of the B-52 in this. (deviant654)

My comments: Well, the slab sides existed on the original Dash 80 photo. It's just that I made them longer!