Manufacturer: Boeing / Lockheed Martin

Model: unknown

Name: Stratolightning


Date: 2007

Status: Experimental

Country: United States

Service: U.S. Air Force (evaluation)

Designation: YF-34A

Synopsis: The USAF was not quite satisfied with either of the two JSF contenders and demanded that the two rival companies get together on an alternate design specifically for the USAF: thus was born the Boeing/Lockheed Martin F-34A Stratolightning.
Elaboration: Robert's excellent profiling work keeps inspiring me... Using his F-32 (and bits of his F-35) I designed this alternate JSF design.
Viewers' comments:
  • "It has an oddly Bill Gunston look to it, I would say..." (Sauragnmon)
  • "Great name!" (SPINNERS)
  • "I agree, Strato-Lightning like Strato-Fortress..." (Tophe)
  • "The idea of creation F-34 is amazing. And... very interesting 'technical decisions'. Perfect!" (JazzTime)
  • "Love the Strato-Lightning!" (sideshowbob9)
  • "Wow, the F-33 and F-34 are quite amazing!" (Robert)

Thanks to you all! Especially Robert! From the man "who made the mold", this is quite a compliment! Yes, "Strato-" is a typical Boeing prefix (Stratoliner, Stratofreighter, Stratojet, Stratofortress), and "Lightning" a typical Lockheed name. Hence the combined "Stratolightning"...

My comments: The fact that there has never been an operational fighter with the air intake on top doesn't mean it couldn't be made... Especially when we consider the stealth bomber and some recent stealthy UAVs, the dorsal intake is a sure way to reduce RCS (Radar Cross Signature).