Manufacturer: Boeing

Model: unknown

Name: Stratofighter


Date: 2012

Status: Operational

Country: United States of America

Service: U.S. Navy

Designation: F-32A


Boeing Stratofighter profile view


The X-32 certainly was to me the ugliest flying object ever produced by Boeing! Makes you wonder if they didn't try to LOSE that competition from the start!

The idea here, therefore, was to try and turn the ugly X-32 prototype into a handsome production F-32. So far this is my best shot at it I think. It was reworked from a 3D-type profile of the X-32 that I found. So most of the credit goes to the original artist, not me! I think the original image is this one or similar to it: [link]

I removed the awful toad's throat looking air intake and replaced it with two underwing ones a la Flanker. I also stretched the tail fins and made them to look like those of the F-18 Hornet.

After posting the photo of the F-32A on deviantART, a member requested a profile of my F-32A to help him on a planned kitbuild, so I did the image below right, using an illustration of the planned production variant found on the web [link] as a basis.

Viewers' comments:
  • A substantial improvement I'd say, looking good. :) (Jetfreak-7)
  • Seconded Jetfreak's opinion. Now she looks like an airplane instead of a flying troll. (AerospacerJ)
  • Your redesign looks great. The X-32 always looked a bit overweight for a stealth fighter or any fighter for that matter. Boeing should take pointers from you. (ONI-Defense)
  • Good Stuff... (Mimikios)
  • Is it a 3D model or what? Looks good! (Kekszbelow)
  • Dude .. u r awesome .  All of ur work is full of crazy imagination. And thats not all, u have great talent and skill to compliment it too. (ghufranali)
  • Very good work,but in reality, the Dept of the Navy always wants their planes to have sturdy nose gear with 2 wheels and planes with dual engines for safety purposes,If they can't put their 2cents worth in, it ain't worth it... (Bakerdezign)
  • Wow You are a good aircraft architect! Nice aircraft! (theF-man)
  • Thank you. I appreciate it. (Mimikios)
  • Looks good, except the production version would have had horizontal stabilizers (Erik Simonsen)
  • Is this a single engine or dual engine mod? Is that a dual intake or single? I like the mods you did to this bird. I like it just as much as the X-32A. (GF-44Phantom)
  • I want one!!! (craigdragon17)
  • You elegantified the F-32 truck!  I like it. But then again I liked the F-32 too. And the Skyraider, my favourite. I just like flying trucks I guess! (Ronnie Olsthoorn)
  • I don't get why X-32 is found ugly, its a beautiful machine for me! nevertheless nice job done here stephane. (Hamza)
  • If it had looked like this in the first place, it might have actually won the JSF competition. (ElSqiubbonator)
  • I wanna see the 3D!!! (Diasmon)

My comments: I'm no 3D modeller at all, so I guess you'll have to imagine it... or have someone else do it! Sorry!