Manufacturer: Boeing

Model: unknown

Name: Megafortress

Type: Bomber

Date: 1942

Status: Operational

Country: United States of America

Service: U.S. Army Air Force

Designation: B-31A


Okay, guess what? This one wasn't meant to be too serious... (and wait 'til you see the Ultrafortress!!!)

This superbomber was done with no desire for believability... An eight-engined bomber would have been heavy and noisy, for sure. Added wing area would also have meant more fuel capacity, and perhaps some extra ordnance being carried on underwing pylons... but did they know how to do that at the time?

Viewers' comments:
  • Holy...crap. Stargazer, that Megafortress is... awe-inspiring, to say the least. (Jschmus)
  • Big! Are there 3 fins? Mega-fortress: mega-success... Bravo! (Tophe)
  • I like that megafortress - it's just... uber. Awesome stuff. (Sauragnmon)
  • Plausible.... (David R. Townend)
  • Awesome work! The Megafortress reminds me of the 1942 arcade game. (Taiidantomcat)
  • "Megafortress" needs to be pronounced with one of them heavy video game voices like in Quake or Unreal or similar :D (Ronnie Olsthoorn)
  • Megafort must be put into plastic! Definitely going on the build list. Thumbs Up Have to find a cheap B-17 in 1:48th... (pyro-manic)
  • I think the name "Megafortress" is taken. See Dale Brown (Tony Harris)

My comments:

Ah, well... it wasn't when I created that image... Dale Brown, you stole it from me! I want royalties! ROTFL