Manufacturer: Boeing

Model: 7047

Name: none

Type: Airliner

Date: 1986

Status: Project only

Country: United States of America

Service: Commercial (not marketed)

Designation: none


In 1986, Boeing studied the possibility of developing a giant-size airliner using its AGM-86B ALCM cruise missile as a basis for the design. Launched on a ramp like the ALCM, this unique airliner named the Boeing 7047, was fitted with an extra pair of folding wings underneath the front end of the fuselage to reduce its speed on approach.

Landing was to be performed on water or land, using either three sets of 16 retractable wheels or 8 retractable skids. The 7047 was a costly program and the initial landing tests of the sub-scale demonstrators were far from satisfying, so by 1989 it was decided to concentrate efforts on other, more conventional programs.


I used the photo of a Boeing ALCM cruise missile prototype and reworked it to give it gigantic proportions as an extra large airliner.

Of course, such a project would be very unlikely. Even with the added set of wings at the front, the control surfaces are largely insufficient for a machine carrying so many passengers. A cruise missile is not meant to maneuver much, as opposed to an airliner. Still it was a lot of fun devising that incredible machine...

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  • Now THAT is different¬†:XD: (Roddy1990)
  • It's a airliner for terrorists not tourists (bagera3005)
  • Now that is a scale-a-rama! (Robert)

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