Manufacturer: Bell Aircraft / North American

Model: unknown

Name: Airapache

Type: Fighter

Date: 1943

Status: Operational

Country: United States of America

Service: U.S. Army Air Force

Designation: P-57A


This aircraft was obtained by combining the fuselage and wings of the Bell P-39 Airacobra with the tail unit and cockpit of the North American P-51D Mustang.

The name Airapache itself is a combination of "Airacobra" and "Apache", which was the initial name of the Mustang. Many of the early Bell aircraft carried "Aira-..." names such as Airacuda,AiracobraAirabonitaAirarattler.

Of course, a collaboration between two aviation rival companies would be unlikely, even in wartime, hence the "War Production Co-Ordinating Committee" endorsement I've added at the bottom, taken straight from the famed "Rosie the Riveter" war propaganda poster...

For the Airapache, given the very few available numbers in the P- series that can be used for imaginary aircraft, I had to reuse the P-57 slot that never produced an aircraft (the Tucker XP-57 was canceled at an early stage).

Viewers' comments:
  • This is a very excellent blend of the Mustang and Airacobra. Yeah, the 2 companies collaborating and mixing their designs probably wouldn't happen, although the Fisher company did try to mix at least 3 different aircraft to make the P-75A Eagle. That didn't work out so well. :) I do enjoy your various aircraft ideas. Very creative and fun for certain. Have a good one! :) (dinobatfan)
  • I love it! Even different from the 'real project' FTB, this one enriches my Mustang collection, thanks! (Tophe2)
  • One more thing it needed, the Merlin

My comments: True enough... Thanks to you all for commenting!