Manufacturer: Bell Helicopter

Model: 560

Name: none

Type: Multipurpose helicopter


Status: Operational

Country: United States of America, Japan

Service: Tri-service & NASA (evaluation), Japanese Navy

Designation: unknown


Submitted at the same time as the Sikorsky S-69 ABC (Advanced Blade Concept) was the Bell Model 560 prototype. It was built using the third, unused XV-15 fuselage and fitted with two co-axial rotors, which was quite unusual for Bell. Just as unusual was the unique triple fin in a Y-shaped configuration.

The Bell 560's rotors used two advanced rotors that previously belonged to the unfortunate YAH-63 attack prototypes, but Sikorsky's technology was much more advanced and won it a contract as the YH-59A.

Undeterred, Bell offered the model for export, and 50 were ordered by the Japanese Navy, with deliveries commencing in 1983.


The Bell 560 was created by modifying a photo of the second XV-15 prototype (see below right).

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  • I love this concept. May I tell you my current project is inspired by your work. (ONI-Defense)
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