Manufacturer: Beechcraft

Model: B217C

Name: Expeditor

Type: Transport

Date: 2003

Status: Experimental

Country: United States of America

Service: U.S. Air Force

Designation: YC-45A


This Beechcraft transport was directly inspired by Scaled's tandem wing Model 133 prototype. This is one rare example of an aircraft I entirely designed AND drew, back in the early 1990s (quite rare, I'm too lazy I guess... LOL). The original artwork was redone with a graphic software circa 2006. I'm offering here a reduced scale version of the original artwork.

The name Expeditor as well as the C-45 designation are straight from the 1940s (the new C-45 had not yet been allocated at the time). I thought it would be fun to reuse the same number and name for a new aircraft, like the Air Force did for the Pilatus/Beech trainer which became the T-6 Texan...

Viewers' comments:
  • I love your old C-45! (Tophe)
  • Stargazer, perfectly well! (JazzTime)
  • Love this design. Not just the fabulous T-tail, either. Even though ALL T-tails are, of course, inherently fabulous. But the wings are cool, too. (John Howling Mouse)
  • C-45 is very interesting. (Yasotay)
  • Solid, yes! (Tophe2)

My comments: I believe this to be a perfectly viable aircraft design. Please someone tell me if I'm wrong!!