Manufacturer: British Aircraft Corp. (English Electric)

Model: P.6

Name: Thunder

Type: Jet fighter

Date: 1963

Status: Experimental

Country: United Kingdom

Service: Royal Air Force

Designation: Thunder F.1


The BAC P.6 Thunder was elaborated from a standard English Electric Lightning (see photo below right) Fuselage depth was considerably reduced to accomodate the fact that there was now only one engine exhaust at the rear instead of two. I then redrew the nose to make it pointed, then created a ventral intake.

The ventral intake is an option that was chosen on several other fighter aircraft around the world, so the Thunder would probably be airworthy. I think however that the intake is not properly shaped and would require more streamlining.

Viewers' comments:
  • Like the P6 mate, top class (thedarkmaster)
  • Congratulations for your aesthetically improved Lightning... (Tophe)
  • Great P.6 Thunder, very well done. (SPINNERS)
  • That Thunder is frighteningly similar to a build I have planned. Blink Where's my tinfoil hat? (pyro-manic)
  • BAC P.6 Thunder is very inspiring, as every solid nose Lightning are. (ysi_maniac)
  • The Thunder is an improvement on the original. (comradeloganov)
  • That P.6 Thunder is very sexy - presumably powered by a single Olympus? Since it has two seats, it's presumably an interceptor, which makes me think it would probably have a bigger radome... (Weaver)
  • Very nice P.6 Thunder. But I agree with Weaver. Don't know really if it'll be an interceptor but I find the radome a little bit small. (Slerski)

My comments:

Thanks for the input and the corrections. I did not mean the Thunder to be a two-seater. Since it's almost a side view, the depth of the cockpit doesn't really show... but supposing it was a two-seater, if you think the radome too small, allow me to refer you to the side-by-side Hawker Hunter trainer, which had a radome of approximately the same proportions.