Manufacturer: British Aircraft Corp. / Heinkel

Model: P.1300

Name: Haukka

Type: Jet attack-bomber

Date: 1963

Status: Operational

Country: Finland

Service: Finnish Air Force

Designation: Haukka


TsrJoe (from the What If forum) once suggested the idea of some Finnish aircraft... So here is the BAC-Heinkel Haukka (Falcon), an exclusive 1960s fighter-bomber design for the Suomen ilmavoimat which I "scratchbuilt" using a Beech MQM-107 target as a basis.

Viewers' comments:
  • Certainly interesting.  I hope it starts a run of Ilmavoimat machines. (Maverick)
  • I like it. So uncommon a background... a jet special for Finland. Thumbs Up (Tophe)
  • Looks quite interesting (Arc3371)
  • Nice period airframe, kind of a pre-Lansen feel to it. The name reminds me of a noise I often make upon waking if the room humidity was real low. Lips Sealed (RussC)
  • That bears a resemblance to that Swiss designed and built ground attack aircraft, can't remember what it was called now. (PR19_Kit)
  • I believe it's the Swiss FFA P-16, which 'inspired' some design features of the Learjet (martinbayer)
  • i really like your BAC/Heinkel Finnish bird, configuration and shape is very much within the design ethic and period (eg Hunter, Lansen, P.16, Marut, etc.) (TsrJoe)
  • Looks like a Hunter, at certain angles!! (McColm)
  • I am awed by your work here. (Go4fun)
  • Cool... You still need to work on your Finnish, I wonder why it says that it was completely developed in the Finnish air force, if BAC and Heinkel were involved too  huh  evil  Grin (perttime)
  • I really like that design, can you do a line drawing of it? (KJ_Lesnick)

My comments:

I've done one especially for you. Enjoy! And if you wonder why I made the wings fold on an Air Force aircraft, well... let's say this represents the unbuilt naval variant! (but then where's the arresting hook?)

As for the text in Suomi... what I meant to say was that it was developed especially FOR the Finnish Air Force! Another inept Google translation! Anyway, I did modify the file according to some of your remarks, perttime.