Manufacturer: Antonov

Model: An-326

Name: Myriad / "Crackpot" (NATO codename)

Type: Flying-boat transport

Date: 1996

Status: Experimental

Country: Ukraine

Service: Commercial (planned)

Designation: none


The Antonov An-326 (NATO codename: "Myriad") is a development of the basic An-124 Condor aircraft in the form of a flying-boat.


To obtain this picture, I started from an An-124 photograph, used the bottom part of a Beriev Be-200 Albatross flying-boat then moved the whole aircraft onto a brand new landscape.

Viewers' comments:
  • Wow,just what I've been looking for!! (McColm)
  • That is mad, brilliant idea, great job (ZopTekRacing)
  • Cool (johnnywhoeven)
  • Very well-done photomanipulation. (KryptidAnimals)
  • cool (johnnywhoeven)
  • wow (edwardio1973)
  • that is mad, brilliant idea great job (LavnebDesigns)
  • I wouldn't put it past them to make a plane this crazy! :D (Griddles)
  • Needs the jets above the wing to avoid water ingestion. (Roger the Cabin Boy)
  • I agree. The engines need to be on top of the wings. (deviant654)

My comments: Thanks for the input folks. I definitely to have this picture reworked some time to put the engine above the wings!