Manufacturer: Airspeed

Model: A.S.70

Name: Sea Horse

Type: Troop-carrying glider flying boat

Date: 1948

Status: Production

Country: United Kingdom

Service: Royal Navy

Designation: Sea Horse I


The Airspeed A.S.70 Sea Horse was to be the company's swan song before merging with De Havilland in 1951. Derived from the successful Horsa, It was a flying boat glider, a concept already obsolete at that time.

Towing was typically done by Short Sunderland-type flying boats. Only one prototype and 25 production examples were built and they soon were scrapped.


I used the photograph of a Horsa glider on the ground (below right). All I had to do was to add underwing floats from a different aircraft type (which escapes me at this point) and water splashing all around the hull — incidentally a convenient trick to avoid doing too much detail on the hull!).

The toughest bit was really to find a convincing background picture for the setting.

Viewers' comments:
  • I think your photo-manipulations are EXCELLENT both technically and conceptually and I'd strongly encourage you to continue with them. That Sea Horse in particular is very modelable... (Weaver)
  • Love the Sea Horse. Special Air and Boat Service anybody ? (NARSES2)
  • Quite an interesting idea. The aircraft is quite a spectacular piece of work. (Sauragnmon)
  • ADORE the Sea Horse, looks superb and is well modelable too. (PR19_Kit)
  • Ditto for me on your Sea Horse... (apophenia)

My comments: