Manufacturer: Aero Commander

Model: (Umbaugh U-20 / Air & Space 20)

Name: Commander 2000

Type: Business / commuter autogyro

Date: 1970

Status: Experimental

Country: United States of America

Service: Commercial

Designation: none

Funny how the real-life Air & Space 18A looks almost like an egg-plane once you've seen my overly stretched Commander 2000 above!


Nicknamed the Umbaugh Commander


The Air & Space 18A was the production version of the Umbaugh 18. It was quite an attractive and able machine. My Commander 2000 was an attempt at stretching it considerably to give it more passenger capacity — but most of all at transforming it into something that has never existed: a business class autogyro airliner.

Despite the greatness of the concept, I was dissatisfied with my work here, and as you can see, the image was never properly finished. It dwelled on my computer hard disk for many months until I decided to release it regardless of its faults. I hope you will enjoy it nonetheless!

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